Bean Cartel Espresso Blends



Origin: Colombia, Brazil, Costa Rica,India, Guatemala & Peru

The Artillero blend is a bold, robust coffee with sweet nutty flavours. Using the best of South & Central American beans. This coffee produces flavours of caramel, toffee, hazelnut and hints of blackberry.


Origin: Colombia, Brazil & Ethiopian

A blend of traditional South American coffees & exotic Asian coffees. This blend exhibits soft chocolate notes with a complex buttery aftertaste. Cuts well through milk and is an exceptional black coffee.


Origin: PNG, Peru & India

This is a full bodied, darker roasted coffee, blended the Italian way. This coffee is a great 'pick me up' coffee containing more caffeine than any of the Cartel's blends. Flavours of toasted almonds with a soft praline finish.

El Jefe

Origin: PNG, Colombia, Peru & Indian Kaapi

A well rounded coffee, great for espresso and milk based drinks. One of our most popular blends, as it is strong enough to cut through milk, yet not too bold as to offend the masses. A caramel, nutty, honey taste awaits...

El Capitan

Origin: PNG, Colombia, Peru, India Kaapi, India Speciale & Ethiopia

This is the 'Big Daddy' version of the El Jefe blend. Slightly stronger mouthfeel with a longer, lingering spicy aftertaste.

El Chico

Origin: Sumatra Mandehling, Peru Nicaragua & Ethiopia

Exhibits fruity aromatics that invigorate your senses. Smooth yet bold coffee with a sweet chocolate, nutty aftertaste. Blends exceptionally well with milk. Quite possibly the star of the Cartel blends.

Organico RFA

Origin: Ethiopia, Colombia, Peru & PNG

This is a medium bodied coffee with moderate acidity, combining the finest A Grade beans from Asia, South & Central America. This coffee is aromatically complex offering peach, maple syrup and a smooth nougat aftertaste. To be enjoyed anytime of the day.

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