Single Origin



Region: Sidamo

Pronounced dark chocolate notes up front, with caramelised orange acidity. Medium body with a lasting cocoa finish.

Colombia Supremo

Region: Hulia

Berry notes upfront with a creamy texture. Citrus acidity leaning into a chocolate and clove finish.

Brazil Santos Fine Cup

Region: Cerrado

Soft - Medium body with light acidity and a mellow caramel finish

Costa Rica San Gorge

Region: Brunca

Rich flavours of toffee, crisp apple acidity and a creamy body with cocoa, nutty finish.

Peru Chanchomayo

Region: Junin

Medium bodied, with a soft citrus acidity, chocolate notes, a smooth clean finish that is nutty and balanced.

El Salvador

Region: Finca El Ingenio SHG

Bright crisp acidity with a rich creamy mouth-feel.

Guatemala Volcan De Oro

Region: San Marcos

Sweet sticky cup with a bright citrus burst. Finish of maple syrup, toffee, peanuts and chocolate.

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