About The Bean Cartel

Based in Melbourne’s inner South East, The Bean Cartel started from humble beginnings. ​In 2008, having previously owned and operated numerous retail franchises, including cafés and restaurants in South Australia, Stacy and Alison decided to take a leap of faith and move their young family, to join the “hustle and bustle” of the Melbourne coffee scene.

The journey commenced with office coffee supply in 2008, then moving to contract roasting in 2013 and finally in 2017, progressing to their newly built, ​state of the art roastery in Notting Hill. Having worked in cafés and alongside many café owners and baristas, Stacy and Alison are committed to their talented, growing team and making a positive impact to the growth of coffee businesses across Australia. This is ​their passion.


Specialty coffee roasters Melbourne

Specialty coffee is a term used to refer to coffee graded 80 points or above. Specialty coffee is generally traded at a much higher price due to the fact the coffee is grown at high altitude with more care and attention from the farmers.

To be deemed “specialty” the coffee must have zero primary defects.  At The Bean Cartel we meticulously create specific profiles that will enhance and highlight their natural flavours.  Let us take you on that special journey around the world.

Coffee blends

Award winning blends

A huge shout out and congratulations to our Master Roaster Alan Chan.  Alan has won numerous medals across three very well known and accredited coffee award shows: The Australian International Coffee Awards, Royal Sydney Fine Foods Show and The Golden Bean Awards.

Alan’s secret to a great blend is analysing the best attributes of each coffee and blend precisely to create a balanced, delicious and consistent flavour.  The result should be a coffee blend that no Single Origin could produce.

Each origin should be roasted individually to maximise the flavour characteristics of that region. That is why Alan, ALWAYS, origin roasts and post blends our coffee.


Where all of the magic happens.

We live and breathe coffee

We are all about quality over profits, honesty and integrity, and having passion and kindness in everything that we do. We believe in the value of what a good cup of coffee can do to bring people together and the connections that are formed around an excellent brew. If you live for amazing coffee and great connections then we are your people.