The Bean Cartel does things differently. 



Ready for our unpopular opinion that will make coffee suppliers and coffee roasters cringe?

It’s not just about the beans. It’s not just about coffee, or coffee products.

(Oooft. Controversial!)

We’re hospo people from way back. And damn… don’t we know this life can be tough.

Meet the El Jefes

We’re Stacy and Ali. We’ve owned food and bev establishments for close to 20 years.

But the sweet elixir of life (mmm coffee) was always our one and only. So we went all in and moved the fam from Adelaide to Melbourne to shake up the coffee scene. 

I guess we’re a little bit loco?

Yeah. We independently source the best beans from around the world.

We taste them. 

Choose the top shelf.

Roast them.  

Whack ‘em in bags with sick artwork by a Colombian artist.

Supply them to you.

But we do support, training and community just as well.

The Bean Cartel was born out of an undeniable pull towards shaking up the coffee scene  status quo.

Our driver is to create a coffee supplier and coffee roasting company in Melbourne that doesn’t accept second best… and doesn’t give it either. 

With cartel-like tenacity and unshakeable high standards of what we’ll accept for our café owners, we control the process from farm to cup, so there are no what ifs.

The buck stops with us.

What else is there to love about The Bean Cartel?

We're adorable - check us out in our natural habitat at our ​state of the art roastery in Notting Hill, Victoria.

swig this. our origin roasted, post blended specialty coffee tastes as good as it looks.

  • We independently source the best beans from around the globe, supporting local farmers to do what they do best
  • We vow to respect thy beans by always origin roasting and post blending, and to respect you
  • We’re intensely organised and committed to our product, crew and clients
  • Our processes run like clockwork so you’re never at a loose end
  • We have a team of qualified barista trainers at your beck and call
  • Carbon neutral matters to us and we’ve got some exciting things in the works to reduce our carbon footprint

Get your buzz on

If you Googled ‘coffee roasters near me’ and we popped up? You must be close by, so come join the cartel!

Bean loving, coffee slinging

When you choose The Bean Cartel as your coffee supplier, you become part of our family. 

We can help your café make waves with:

Coffee blend selection

24/7 service and repairs

Dedicated account managers

Barista training

Café design tips

Coffee workshops

Meet our Master Roaster

Alan Chan (AKA Dr Chan), the force behind our award-winning coffee blends

Who wouldn’t want coffee blends from this guy?

He’s scooped up awards at

  • The Australian International Coffee Awards
  • Royal Sydney Fine Foods Show
  • The Golden Bean Awards

With a nose like a bloodhound, the most sophisticated of palates (ooh la la) and a brain as sharp as Einstein’s, you can get a piece of his banging blends too.

If you’re a home barista who wants to learn how to make coffee like a pro and hear the sweet whir of the grind, the bang of the tamp and the frothy froth of milk in the comfort of your kitchen (and pjs), click to come to a coffee workshop.