Coffee for your Café

As committed lovers of coffee, we will help you grow your café business. With decades of retail experience, we know what it takes to run a successful café. It often starts with great relationships. Our approach is to provide everything you need at your fingertips. Whether you are a start-up or an established café, we are committed to your growth and success. Teaming up with The Bean Cartel, we will help you choose the right coffee blend for your café, whilst providing the best available coffee machines and grinders, a designated account manager, consistent ongoing barista training, 24/7 service and repairs and everything you need to succeed in a highly competitive environment. We are passionate people and we are a committed partner in your business.

ABOUT OUR coffee

Specialty Coffee Roasters

We have travelled the world in search of the finest coffee beans. From Ethiopia to Brazil, from crop to cup, our specialty coffees are personally sourced and meticulously roasted, to give you the most unique coffee experience.

More About Us

Personalised Coffee

Try our coffee or create your own

Come visit our state of the art roastery, where you will be exposed to a personalised coffee tasting experience. Let us help you carefully curate your cafés selection of our unique single origins, complex blends and small-batch roasted speciality coffees.

Or perhaps you would like to create a blend of your own? Let us help educate you.

Fast and reliable


Your business is backed by a team of coffee professionals that are focussed on delivering the best coffee experience for your café. 

We provide:

- 24/7 access to service and repairs.

- A designated account manager.

- Access to ongoing barista training.

- Café design, management and business advice.

- Industry leading coffee equipment.

- Huge selection of cups, ancillary products and milks.


Barista training

Whether you are a beginner or advanced barista, or you simply aim to be the greatest home barista you can be, The Bean Cartel offers training for all levels of experience.

From the basics of “dialling in” your espresso, to milk texturing, to latte art, the devil is definitely in the detail.

Let our experienced team of barista trainers share their skillsets so that you, or your team can create the most discerning cup of coffee.

Wholesale services

Contract Roasting and Private Label coffee

Love the way we roast?

Why don’t you create your own blend? Our coffee in your bags. 

Using our ethically sourced, specialty graded beans to create that unique blend you can call your own.

Let us take you on a journey, finding the best coffee to fit your needs.  Partnering with The Bean Cartel enables your business to develop and control your own brand, with high-quality coffee, a consistent roasting process and service that is guaranteed.

Create coffee with character. Create your own blend.

Let's have a coffee

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We pride ourselves in our ability to service you, so you can service your customers. Get in touch today to arrange a visit and a cuppa.