The gift that keeps on giving

2 Hour Melbourne Coffee Workshops

Want to make coffee at home, like the pros? With the right equipment, personalised coffee blends and training from our master roaster, Alan Chan, we will have you making coffees like a barista in no time.

Make coffee like a pro

Join our coffee workshops

Our coffee workshops are held on site, in our roasting warehouse in Notting Hill.

Everyone is welcome, from beginners to advanced home baristas. Our sessions are small and very hands on, to ensure everyone gets the appropriate “1 on 1” attention they deserve.

This is an interactive class where we demonstrate all the variables involved in producing that perfect cup of coffee.

Barista Basics

Price: $140

Duration: 2 hours

Class ratio: 5:1

Just starting out and keen to learn everything from how we roast our coffee, establishing the correct coffee recipe for your particular coffee through to achieving the perfect extraction? Melbourne coffee lovers, this is the coffee class for you. Come ready to have some fun with friends, meet our master roaster, and of course to sample wonderful coffee at the same time!


Milk Texturing and Latte Art

Price: $150

Duration: 2 hours

Class ratio: 5:1

Already know the basics of coffee making and looking to brush up on your latte art? Why not learn from our master roaster and Latte Art Smackdown Champion, Alan Chan? Our champ will show you all about his renown milk texturing techniques, how to pour that perfect cup, basic to advanced latte art techniques and steps towards the ultimate coffee presentation.


Great coffee awaits

A bad day with exceptional coffee is better than a good day with none.