Colombia Las Margaritas Gesha

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Country: Colombia

Cupping Score:

Varietal: Gesha

Altitude: 1570-1850



Raspberries, Tropical Fruit, Milk Chocolate

This Gesha was first hand-picked carefully as part of the peak harvest so that all cherries had ripened as uniformly as possible. After picking, the cherries are fermented with the cherry for 19-22 hours.They are then pulped without using water and fermented with mucilage for another 35 hours. When the fermentation process is done, the coffee is dried slowly on solar driers for 28 days and left in storage for at least 3 months to stabilize and reduce astringency. This process results in a coffee with mixed berries and Jasmine aromas and juicy flavours of raspberry and tropical fruits and milk chocolate aftertaste