Ethiopia Guji Uraga

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Country: Ethiopia

Cupping Score: 87.25

Varietal: Heirloom Natural (Wine Process)

Altitude: 2000-2100



Red Wine, Candied orange peel, Floral Lavendar

This particular Ethiopian coffee hails from the Oromiya Guji region and is cultivated on a 200-hectare farm situated at elevations ranging from 2000m to 2100m, resulting in a distinct taste of red wine, candied orange peel, clove, pepper and floral lavender.

The implementation of anaerobic processing in 2020 has brought about a novel approach in the area. This method involves the careful selection of fully ripe cherries, which are then fermented in a sealed tank to intensify their flavours. Following a 4-5 day fermentation period, the cherries undergo a noticeable transformation, with the coffee beans subsequently dried for 15-18 days on African drying beds under the sun.

Recognising the pivotal role played by farmers, Tracon extends social initiatives such as educational programs to support their families and foster a promising future.